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Alcatel Submarine Networks leads the industry in terms of transmission capacity and installed base with more than 600,000 km of optical submarine cable deployed worldwide, enough to circumnavigate the globe 15 times! From traditional Telecom applications to Content & Over-The-Top service provider infrastructures as well as offshore Oil & Gas applications, ASN provides all the elements of a global turnkey undersea transmission system, tailored to the individual customer's needs. An extensive service portfolio completes its comprehensive offering for the submarine business, including project management, installation and commissioning, along with marine and maintenance operations performed by ASN’s fleet of cable ships.

key facts

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  • Leader in submarine communication networks with over 33% market share.
  • Historical leadership in Oil & Gas offshore connectivity and clear leader in the 4D seismic (Permanent Reservoir Monitoring) segment. ASN is continuing its diversification into the DC/FO segment.
  • More than 55 upgrades over the past 2 years, with market share in Submarine Line Terminal Equipment upgrades at 38%.
  • More than 20 worldwide records in terms of optical transmission capacity and speed.
  • More than 600,000 km of submarine networks cable laid; enough to circumnavigate the globe more than 15 times!
  • More than 350,000 km of OALC optical fiber cable (with vault structure) deployed since 1994. This cable type has achieved an impressive reliability history.
  • More than 330,000 km of submarine network under maintenance, equal to approximately 50% of the world’s IP traffic.
  • More than 220 fiber optic systems delivered in the last 26 years.
  • More than 180 upgrades completed in total.
  • More than 6500 repeaters manufactured and 0 repeater failures since the latest design.


    To ensure the highest levels of reliability, quality and standards compliance, ASN designs and manufactures all of its own cables as well as its dry plant and wet plant components.

    ASN is a vertically integrated supplier with a unique positioning in system integration covering all components and activities – research, engineering, manufacturing, installation – offering customized and optimized turnkey solutions for each project.

    A fleet of 6 cable ships for installation and maintenance – Ile de Sein, Ile de Batz, Ile de Bréhat, Ile d’Aix, Lodbrog, Peter Faber – and associated equipment (ROV and ploughs) is owned by ASN. The fleet is managed by the French company Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs.

    Manufacturing and innovation capabilities:

    • Calais, France:This site was created in 1891 and hosts R&D and manufacturing activities, offering the largest manufacturing capability in the industry (45,000 km of cable per year). At this site, ASN also performs cable R&D and the recycling of out of service cables.
    • Greenwich, UK: Amplifiers, repeaters, branching units, ROADM and other submerged equipment are produced at this site where the world’s first transatlantic cable was manufactured in 1858. Today, the site houses modern production and clean room facilities, SLTE and PFE assembly and testing, as well as office space for project management and marine operations teams.
    • Paris-Saclay (Essonne - France):The ASN headquarters which hosts R&D, commercial and technical teams, as well as support functions. In our design laboratories in Paris Saclay, we have more than 25,000 km of optical fiber and associated optical amplifiers. These resources allow our technical teams to create test systems for next-generation networks and to replicate deployed submarine cable systems to validate capacity upgrades.
    • Trondheim, Norway: Part of ASN since November 2014, this site hosts R&D and manufacturing activities for seismic sensors and analogic systems.

    A worldwide reach with commercial presence in France, UK, US, China, Australia and Norway.