Chief Officers and Vice-Presidents

  • Alain BISTON
    Alain BISTON President & CEO
  • Bruno HESTIN
    Bruno HESTIN VP End-to-end Business Management
  • Paul GABLA
    Paul GABLA VP Sales & Marketing
  • Olivier GAUTHERON
    Olivier GAUTHERON VP R&D
  • Olivier CHAMBON
    Olivier CHAMBON VP Project Management
  • Patricia FORNET
    Patricia FORNET VP Industrial Operations
  • Christophe LAMBLING
    Christophe LAMBLING VP Purchasing
  • Jérémie MAILLET
    Jérémie MAILLET VP Marine Operations
  • Christian AUSANNEAU
    Christian AUSANNEAU VP Services
  • Jean-Marie BEAUFILS
    Jean-Marie BEAUFILS VP Q&HSE
  • Vincent LARA
    Vincent LARA CFO
  • Julie LAMBARD
    Julie LAMBARD VP Human Resources
  • Pascal RÉMY
    Pascal RÉMY Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
  • Marc GENOT
    Marc GENOT VP BU Oil & Gas
  • Christophe BEJINA
    Christophe BEJINA VP Information Systems & Organization
  • Vincent LEMAIRE
    Vincent LEMAIRE VP Special Projects

Deputies and Sites Directors

  • Florence PALACIOS
    Florence PALACIOS Site Director, Calais
  • Thomas LECOINTE
    Thomas LECOINTE Operations Director, Calais
  • Tajinder BHAMBRA
    Tajinder BHAMBRA Site Director, Greenwich
  • Tony DELPORT
    Tony DELPORT Operations Director, Greenwich
  • Hilde NAKSTAD
    Hilde NAKSTAD Site Director, Trondheim
  • Enrico BANFI
    Enrico BANFI Deputy VP Sales & Marketing
  • Eric BOUVART
    Eric BOUVART Deputy VP O&G Sales & Marketing
  • Hervé CHAUVIN
    Hervé CHAUVIN Deputy VP Services
  • Vincent CHEVALIER
    Vincent CHEVALIER Deputy VP Sales & Marketing
    Mick MCGOVERN Deputy VP Marine Operations

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