ASN fully committed to manage its activities in a safe and responsible way

At ASN, our Vision is for all projects, to make our Customers and Partners constantly trust ASN’s ability to think ahead, develop and implement subsea optical fiber networks throughout the world in a responsible and sustainable way.

We are committed to treating all the people we influence right, not only because that is in line with our Values, but because we can see that it is good for all of us and for our business.

Since ASN has been in the subsea market for more than a century and intends to remain in the market in the long term, it has become clear that the company’s values should include safety and security of people, respect for Human Rights and caring for the environment in a responsible way.

Today, thanks to the daily commitment and HSE culture of its management and all its employees, ASN wants to actively contribute to a greener future for the benefit of the next generations and the planet while achieving its Mission: connecting the world in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our Objective is to reach zero harm to people, zero harm to assets and zero harm to the environment in our activities and our project operations.

That’s the reason why we expect that every employee and every business partner plays its role in adopting appropriate HSE behaviors and irreproachable Ethics in line with our Code of Conduct and our Corporate Values, thinking about the future in a different way, being innovative by proposing new solutions. This cannot be achieved only by implementing standardized processes but also by sharing common Vision, Mission, Values, so they become day-to-day reality at our workplaces for our Employees, Contractors, Suppliers and Customers.


ASN President