Alcatel Submarine Networks to launch a new WSS ROADM unit

Alcatel Submarine Networks announced today that its submerged ROADM product family is growing to better serve all connectivity requirements with the innovative 3 Degree WSS ROADM unit. This new 3D ROADM variant has already been selected for a major long-distance project and is part of the SDM1 by ASN solution, designed to deliver systems with the best cost per bit.

The innovative 3D WSS ROADM is the perfect solution to match branch traffic demands and complements the traditional WSS ROADM product:

    -  ASN 3D WSS ROADM reduces the number of fibre pairs in the branch, leading to significant cost savings
    -  ASN 3D WSS ROADM provides full WSS device flexibility maintaining East+West connectivity between trunk and branch
    -  ASN 3D WSS ROADM simplifies the topology of complex networks and facilitates the implementation of branches on branches


The full ROADM product family can satisfy all business requirements:

    -  Connect main landings with traditional WSS
    -  Connect isolated islands or small countries with 3D WSS

3D cost saving is increasing with the length of the branch and the number of dropped fiber pairs. The product perfectly fits the open-network architectures where several fiber pair owners need to have access to the same branch as it limits the increase of fiber pair count.

Topology simplification from traditional XL WSS to 3D WSS is obvious when dealing with complex topologies, and even more in case of branch on branch as shown in the diagram below:

Traditional systems are dimensioned with a drop capacity that is significantly higher than the trunk capacity. With 3D WSS ROADM implementation, drop capacity better matches the real branch traffic requirements, as shown in the example below.


The product characteristics are fully consistent with the SDM1 by ASN product set:

    -  Full flexibility in traffic routing thanks to WSS component
    -  Submarine grade reliability thanks to WSS redundancy
    -  Fully configurable through active supervisory commands
    -  Embedded management of noise loading and traffic confidentiality
    -  Fully managed by ASN SN10 Network Management

Alain Biston, President and CEO of Alcatel Submarine Networks said: “The introduction of innovation 3D design as part of ASN WSS ROADM product family addresses the market demand for more connectivity and flexibility at a reasonable cost, keeping the same level of quality and reliability. It effectively complements the SDM1 by ASN product portfolio to support all traffic demands and decrease cost per bit. ASN is strongly supporting its customer initiatives to provide a reliable internet infrastructure to all communities around the world and will continue to innovate to support this common goal.”

The new ASN 3D WSS ROADM has already been selected for a major submarine cable system project where this new product is a key enabler for the implementation of cost-effective connectivity to a large number of underserved countries.


About Alcatel Submarine Networks

Alcatel Submarine Networks, part of Nokia, leads the industry in terms of transmission capacity and installed base with more than 650,000 km of optical submarine systems deployed worldwide, enough to circumnavigate the globe 15 times. From traditional Telecom applications to Content and “Over The Top” Service Provider infrastructures, as well as to offshore Oil and Gas applications, ASN provides all elements of a turnkey global undersea transmission systems, tailored to individual customer’s needs. An extensive Services portfolio completes its comprehensive offering for the submarine business, including project management, installation and commissioning, along with marine and maintenance operations performed by ASN’s fully owned fleet of cable ships.


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