The fleet

Careful and experienced planning and implementation of marine operations is critical to the success and long-term reliability of a submarine cable network. The operations cover a wide range of activities throughout the life of a project. Key aspects to a successful cable installation are thorough planning by experienced and knowledgeable personnel: with 150 years of experience, Alcatel Submarine Networks has the in-house skills and expertise to manage even the most complex projects on a turnkey basis.

These operations are performed using AlcatelSubmarine Networks’s fleet of cable ships, which are fully equipped with high engine power, thrusters, and dynamic positioning to allow vessels to maintain position and work in any almost weather conditions.
The ASN vessels are offering a high bollard pull capability combined with high-tow force heavy duty ploughs, providing a superior plough burial solution then subsequently an optimized cable protection. A unique cable lay control systems is fitted on our Main Lay fleet authorizing a very accurate slack and tension control through a combination of full electrical cable engine controlled directly by a hi-tech Cable Management Software. Electronic logs of all critical operational parameters are recorded permanently including navigational data, speed, tension, slack, cable counter, plough and ROV data. All vessels utilize fully redundant DGPS navigation and positioning systems, which provide real time vessel positioning to an accuracy of better than ± 10 meters.

Alcatel Submarine Networks operates 6 vessels under French flag for installing and maintaining submarine networks. Our ships are manned by qualified, experienced teams and are strategically located to service customers around the globe. Allof our cable ships are equipped with:

Meet the fleet

Photos show the 6 Alcatel Submarine Networks vessels used for submarine networks.

High engine power, thrusters and dynamic positioning to maintain position and work in almost any weather conditions

High-tow force, heavy-duty ploughs for cable burial

Integrated Cable lay control systems

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for installation and maintenance

Electronic logs of critical operational parameters including navigational data, speed, tension, slack, cable counter and plough data

Fully redundant DGPS navigation and positioning systems that provide real-time vessel positioning to an accuracy of better than ± 10 metersX


Back Office

- Dedicated technical team for each sequence of the operation

-From Route and sites survey, Land cable installation, Shore End Management, Pre Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR), Cable main lay and burial, Jointing and Testing, Post Lay Installation Burial (PLIB), Installation data processing, Marine Maintenance.

  • Masters/Operation manager

Fully integrated crew – Managing the vessel AND the operations

-Experienced French Masters

-Multi skilled officers and crew – cable operations and vessels care

  • 6 Cables ship for installation & maintenance

  • Cable Protection Solutions




-Articulated pipes, Polyurethane pipes, Concrete mattresses

  • Jointing and testing solutions

-Highly skilled jointers and testers permanently qualified for all jointing technology

-Bespoke technology and strict qualification protocol


  • Specialist Tools

-In house development of new tools for Premium services

-Upgrade of existing equipment to match customers expectation and Project challenges

-Adaptation of Marine tooling to extreme environment (Artic, O&G)

  • Marine Maintenance for all oceans

-2 cable depots

-3 vessels

-Partnership with key actors on the Maintenance Markets

-Private Maintenance Agreements