Technical Assistance

    Expert providing support 24/7/365

    Hardware Repair
    Fast & Advance replacement - including packing, shipping, customs clearance, duties & taxes

    Marine Maintenance 
    Repair of undersea faults - Depot facilities 

    Marine Repair Coordination

    Between customers & Marine Maintenance Authority

    Land Route

    Audit & on-site interventions for land routes & beach joints

    AIS Tracking and Protection

    Cable protection against external aggression

    NOC Services

    Monitor, Alert, Maintain, Administrate, 24/7/365

    A-DCN Security

    Network protection against Cyber attack

    on demand services (ods)

    On-Demand Expertise

    Preventive & corrective actions - remotely & on-site

    Training & Refresh Training

    Maintain and enhance system operational skills


    Station staff coaching for initial network operations

    Network Evolution

    Configuration updates, Equipment Relocation

    Wet Plant Testing 

    Ensure all spares are in good working order

    Disposal Recycling 

    Out of Service cable recovery & recycling