Undersea fiber optic cable solutions allow reliable infrastructures to bring real time, high bandwidth, ultra-reliable communications and power to offshore Oil and Gas structures and offshore observatories used by scientific research organizations.

Today, the Oil and Gas production must adapt to the new environment. The climate change will introduce new regulations to meet the 2°C temprerature limit, and the energy mix in the years to come is likely to bring Oil and Gas share to 40% instead of 60% today.

In this environment only low-cost Oil and Gas will be produced, which will require the introduction of new technologies, and digitalization of the operations offshore. The new digital field will be key to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. It will be equipped with sensors and surveillance tools in view to increase Oil and Gas production keeping primarily focus on  safety of operations.

ASN is proposing technologies which are the enablers of the digital field, our portfolio of solutions includes:

All these technologies are positioning ASN as a key player for the digitalization of the off-shore fields. This has been recognized by the Oil and Gas industry over the past 5 years with key contracts being sanctioned in our favor:

- In Thailand we connected of 11 platforms for Chevron and PTTEP,
- In Australia, ASN connected Prelude (Shell) and Ichtys (INPEX),
- In Canada, the connection of Hebron and Hibernia platforms has allowed Exxon Mobil to benefit from onshore Network Operating Center where key operations offshore are continuously monitored.
- ASN completed the installation  of an all-optic PRM system (4000 sensing stations) for Conoco Phillips on the oil field of Ekofisk (Norway),
- Recently three majors award of PRM systems to ASN were publicly announced by Equinor for the field of J. Sverdrup (phase 1 and phase 2) and for the field of J. Castberg.