Upgrading existing submarine cable systems is a very cost-effective means of adding high-speed capacity. We provide the technologies, tools and teams for all of the required operations.

Spurred by the need to provide an adequate level of connectivity to support bandwidth-hungry enterprise and consumer media services, the submarine network upgrade market is evolving rapidly. The successful upgrade of an installed submarine network requires a unique mix of skills and features including a very accurate analysis of system design, flexible and powerful submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE), and an experienced commissioning team.

ASN solution for submarine network upgrades can satisfy new service requirements on installed cables to transport wavelengths and Ethernet-based services. Offering highly advanced features and a variety of modulation formats optimized to upgrade existing systems to the highest capacity, ASN’s upgrade solutions deliver the lowest price per transported bit. Upgradability tests can be performed on in-house test-beds to simulate the target system performance, or using specially designed portable test equipment.

And we'll recommend the best way to upgrade your network:

     - Equip an unlit fiber pair
     - Increase the channel bit rate on an existing lit fiber pair
     - Increase the channel count on an existing lit fiber pair