ASN has an historical leadership in the offshore platform connectivity market and has connected so far around 20 platforms worldwide.

Platform connectivity with optical fibre cable which allows:

- Large bandwidth exchange of data between platforms and on-shore control centers (Experts can be located on-shore)
- Real time communication between on-shore and off-shore.
- Increased availability of network (fiber being not sensitive to weather conditions).

In the Gulf of Thailand ASN installed a 1300 km link connecting up to twelve platforms operated by Chevron and PTTEP. The EPIC contract signed between ASN and CAT also provides CAT with additional capacity between the North and the South of Thailand.
ASN provided and installed in part its longest unrepeatered link reaching 440 km in Papua New Guinea for ExxonMobil. This link which follows the gas export pipeline for over 300 km allows the remote areas of the country, where the gas is extracted, to be linked with fiber optics to the capital Port Moresby where the gas is compressed and liquified.

In north west Australia, ASN installed its longest network serving Oil and Gas customers between Port Hedland and Darwin. This 2000 km long network, operated by Nextgen (now Vocus) allows two major offshore developments to be safely connected to shore: the largest ever FLNG, Prelude operated by Shell and Ichthys, operated by Inpex.

ASN contributed to the development of the Grand Banks area in Eastern Canada by allowing the Hebron and Hibernia platforms to be connected to St John’s in Newfoundland via a secure 600 km long fiber optics ring. In this project, dependable fiber optics communications back to shore was essential for ExxonMobil as the platforms were designed to minimize the number of permanent personnel on board.