A new paradigm for
subsea control power and communication distribution

ASN’s DC/FO solution is a new generation subsea infrastructure delivering power and Fibre Optic (FO) communication from onshore or offshore host facilities to subsea production systems.

The trend toward increased monitoring and all-electric subsea production architectures calls for increased demand in subsea control power and communication. The technology offered by ASN allows the removal of known bottlenecks from legacy subsea control infrastructures.

The ASN DC/FO technology allows the supply to multiple subsea connection points of significant power and communication capability in a highly reliably and cost effectively manner, to multiple locations within a diverse and/or widespread O&G field(s).

The subsea interface points of ASN’s DC/FO solution are standardized and compatible for interfacing with any subsea production system.

100 kW



total powering capacity

km step out

water depth

Subsea connection point
with optical fibre & LV power
(4x 2.5kW)

Flexible and scalable

Resilient to faults

Short project lead time can be achieved thanks to the standardization of products involved in an ASN’s DC/FO infrastructure.

The following value can be expected from an ASN’s DC/FO infrastructure:

  • Very long step out to host facility
  • Constant power supply level & capacity at subsea connection points, independently from distance to host facility and from user’s power demand
  • No intermediate subsea connection points
  • Independency with SPS (clear-cut interfaces)
  • Flexibility and scalability: A DC/FO infrastructure can be repaired in case of external aggression and can be expanded over time to connect new planned or unplanned production sites
  • High availability (reliability grade inherited from submarine telecommunication technologies, self-healing capability and redundancy)

Beyond subsea control application, ASN’s DC/FO infrastructure might aggregate other in field optical fibre connectivity needs (PRM, DAS, FOC…) or powering needs (resident AUV docking station).

DC/FO infrastructure - an enabler for subsea digitalization